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Why Us

Our national healthcare network and team of seasoned professionals produce qualified news stories with distribution to patients and medical professionals nationwide. CREW
The Mission Critical Health team maintains strong editorial guidelines for each and every evidene based segment. Our producers research and develop the story, organize the production, develop the story outline, establish interview questions, scripting, filming logistics and facilitate distribution.

We value teamwork and partnerships. We know that most hospitals, healthcare facilities and healthcare companies have a continual need to distribute news. Mission Critical Health's targeted media platform delivers healthcare news to millions of patients and professionals each month in a manner that is clearly understood by this audience.

Mission Critical Health has been inside health care for more than a decade. Learn more about our partners. JOIN US



We thank you for how your organization has supported the process in working with us from start to finish. Second, we could not be happier with the way the segment turned out. To date, everyone that has viewed this segment has been very impressed and pleased with the final product. In the end, this part of the sponsorship was the main reason we signed up for the program and we are very pleased with the result.

With that, I thank you again for your support with this project. If our organization here in the North American has any need for your (media) services, you will be the first company we will call.
Kind Regards,

Sr. Marketing Manager
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.
Human Nutrition & Health, NA

Todd L. Sitkowski


LifeSync is very pleased with the Mission Critical DVD piece titled "Hidden Areas of Infection". We played the video continuously at the LifeSync booth during the AORN trade show in Anaheim, CA this year and were impressed with the audience's engagement of the piece.

This powerful video educated potential customers who were interested in learning more about hospital-acquired infections and how the LifeSync ECG System can potentially help to eliminate cross-contamination with use of the LeadWear disposable. The video was clean, informative and professionally presented in a way that not only captured our target audience but motivated them to learn more about hidden areas of infection within the hospital setting. Thank you for your continued support.

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Susan Simpson

Our Mission

"Provide education and News for the healthcare industry."

We work to strengthen primary-care and community health systems through education. We base our educational topics on the objectives of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Known as the “Triple Aim,” those objectives are to: 1. improve the health of the population, 2. enhance the patient experience of care, including quality, access and reliability and 3. reduce, or at least control, the per capita cost of care.

We embrace the idea that the entire health care system should seek to improve well-being, education and engagement of their population. While our current educational efforts focus on the first two elements of the Triple Aim, we believe that improving the engagement and education of the population ultimately impacts the cost of care.

Mission Critical Health's public health and medical educational programs are designed to improve the education of professionals and patients through improved information sharing. The delivery of healthcare news through media provides healthcare facilities and medical companies with a national platform to share Best Practices, new research results, demonstrate the efficacy of new bundles and to drive us all closer to our common goal to improve patient care.

Our producers focus on the evidence based results, proven tools, techniques and procedure that support Healthcare professionals in their mission to improve public health, patient safety, reduce re-admissions and improve patient engagement. Learn more about the Mission Critical team and production crew. Cast & Crew




Mission Critical Health's clinical videos are delivered to healthcare viewers through the nation's top point-of-care digital TV display companies, satellite training distributors, the healthcare's most trusted trade publications and through traditional PR distribution. These national media partners make up our "Tier 1" distribution network.

The Tier 1 Network delivers our educational content to 30 million captive patients per month inside 55,000 Physician offices, 1,200 Hospitals, 1,400 Assisted Living / Nursing Homes and optional reach to 450 V.A. Healthcare facilities nationwide. Each 2 minute News Report and 5 min Case Study is promoted through a national press release reaching hundreds of medical and healthcare publishers supporting the editorial needs for many healthcare publishers and industry news outlets.

As of September 2014, the U.S. Government's Pentagon Channel has full license rights to broadcast our videos. Each story will be reviewed by the Pentagon News Director prior repackaging any story. The Pentagon distribution reaches 1 Million military viewers on-base cable networks.

The black buttons above are a few of our distribution lists. Due to privacy agreements we are unable to display all of our physician, nursing homes and healthcare facility details. Contact one of our producers to learn more about how we reach this targeted audience.

Providing Educational Grants

Mission Critical Health is evidence-based trustworthy content supported through Educational Grants and sponsors. Mission Critical Health is NOT supported by advertising dollars and does not participate in product sales promotions. Many of our distributors do not permit commercials or advertising content. Mission Critical Health aheres to editorial guidelines and is supported through Educational Grants from industry stakeholders, public, private, non-profit and for-profit companies. Stringent editorial guidelines persist throughout every story we produce regardless of the funding source(s). We encourage you to review our EDITORIAL GUIDELINES

$14,500 Educational Grant / Sponsorship supports the development and national distribution of a 90 second in-studio News Report.

$25,500 Educational Grant / Sponsorship supports the complete development, research, script writing, filming on location, editing and distribution of an in-depth 5 min case study.

Benefits of Underwriting Underwriters provide Unrestricted Educational Grants and sponsorship help to support the dissemination of important healthcare information to a national audience of 30 Million healthcare professionals and patients. Underwriters of these strategic non-profit initiatives will benefit from supporting Mission Critical Health in the following ways:

* Reaching Healthcare facilities-- The Tier 1 network delivers vaulable content to a large, attentive and responsive audience of healthcare executives, healthcare professionals, influential opinion leaders, patients and caretakers within the Tier 1 network. Campaign resource kits are also available to provide persistent messaging within the healthcare environment. EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE KITS

* Strategic positioning within Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Physician offices and VA medical facilities.-- The decision to support this educational initiative with a relatively small grant helps to deliver important patient care news to patients and healthcare decision makers. No other platform can deliver this audience with the comprehension, retention and participation levels like Mission Critical Health. RECOGNITION

* Reliable Information- Supporting Mission Critical Health is considered a reliable investment in "Brand Prestige". Credible editorial coverage helps position industry innovators as leaders within the industry. Mission Critical Health programs meet both editorial and PBS billboard "Red Book" guidelines, we strive to ensure important information is communicated in a professional, evidence based approach. There should be no expectation of endorsement from the broadcasters of Mission Critical Health or increased sales as a direct outcome or response from participating in any of Mission Critical Health's programming. Mission Critical Health is an educational / editorial program; not a direct response or advertising program. EDUCATIONAL GRANT PRESENTATION 2015

* Long format productions (30 min+) a PBS compliant sponsor recognition billboard provides respectable exposure for sponsoring organizations. These billboards provide dedicated time to present the underwriting company's mission and logo. This branding positions the sponsor in front of patients and health care professionals with a strong interest in learning about best practices, new innovations and practical ways to solve the challenges they face when providing healthcare. Short format content does not include billboards.

The following Media Kit will provide an overview of distribution and patient platform demographics. Please contact info@MissionCriticalHealth.com if you are interested in either participating in, supporting or receiving this public health broadcast programming.